Thursday, February 2, 2012

1st Week of Training + Schedule

Well it's here - our first official week of marathon training...which will be 18 weeks in all. Oh boy. Our first meeting/group run this past Tuesday night went great...although I had a crazy pounding headache allll day long (thinking a sinus-related thing)... but for the first 3 weeks or so, we're doing 4/1 intervals...walk for 4 min and jog for 1 min...for 40-60 min. throughout the early weeks.

A perk of joining our fab group, is a fully laid out schedule...which I took, broke down and compiled it across the next 4 months. My sisters & I needed something we could print out and easily look at each day to know exactly what we need to do.

Another perk - receiving detailed, informative emails that we receive each week from our coach...being newbies to this whole thing, these are life-saving!!

2 apps that I'm going to rely on heavily are the Nike+ GPS app and the SIT app {Simple Interval Timer}. The Nike one is great for tracking your distance by GPS, tracking each & every run, tracking your pace, and even stops your music briefly to tell you which mile you've hit, your pace, and how much longer you have (if timing your run). Love. And the SIT app is is pretty self-explanatory...a basic, easy to use timer....if you are a beginner/interval runner, like moi!

Also - I washed & hung up my Rock 'n Roll Marathon t-shirt the other's staying on this wall between my closet & bathroom until the race!!
K, I'm off for my walk/jog during my lunch break now!! Which reminds me....I need a good iPhone armband...think I'll head over to O.CO!!


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