Saturday, January 21, 2012

Is this a really early April Fools Day joke?!

Last night as I curled up tight in bed, after tending to a sick Kapri a handful of times between 7pm - 11pm, and feeling the sickness coming on myself....I quickly scanned through my Google Reader - only to find myself with my jaw hitting the floor. It was announced that my FAVVVV photo editing site,, will be CLOSING as of April 19th.


I literally almost cried. I first wrote about Picnik when I discovered it almost 3 years ago, back in July 2009. Ever since then, I've been an avid, loyal user - accessing their spectacular photo editing tools numerous times per week... mainly for my blog images/collages. The wide range of functionality they offer (from both the free and premium/subscription services) is really amazing and there is nothing else like it out on the Internet. It's even integrated with my Picasa, so I can edit from there, without having to upload an image to the Picnik site. Hummm...maybe Picasa will think about adding more editing features to their software??!

I really don't understand the reason for their decision to close down...I know Google bought them in early 2010 - and I really didn't think anything of it. But now people all over blogland are seriously freaking...including myself. I can only hope that the realize between now & April that they're making a HUGE mistake and reverse their decision...please please PLEASEEEE keep this site Google people!!

If you haven't heard of this site before, or have only used their free services - I suggest you get over there now & EDIT your heart away until they are now allowing everyone to have full access to all the premium editing tools!!!

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