Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weekend fun

James & I went to Frankie & Sonya's baby shower for their little monkey...who's due to arrive in about 7 exciting!!

I decided to give them the gift of a new wardrobe which will become a daily part of their lives for a good while. Burp cloths.

But not just any burp cloths...

I made my own doll'd up burp cloths for myself shortly after Kapri first arrived...but then I thought they'd be an awesome gift for other mammas. Seriously considering selling these...they're not nearly as time consuming as the baby leg warmers or the cart covers are.

Later that day and after a failed attempt at K taking an afternoon nap...we headed to our home away from home, Moonlight Beach. My youngest sister KayLee was having a few friends there for a beach bonfire. This was K's first bonfire AND smore experience - she mainly munched on the graham crackers though (which of course ended up all over my white tee)...and just a little lick of sticky marshmellow. She was a bit cranky, but we still had some fun in the sand.

I love Encinitas!

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  1. Those burp cloths are awesome!! Love, love, love:)


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