Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sand Castles and Baby Toes

Kapri & I built a crazy big sand castle the other day at the park...I was actually sad to leave it - knowing full well that some rowdy kid or the annoying little dog (that shouldn't have been in the park to begin with), would soon destroy it. Two little boys even came over to admire if they could build too - I chuckled when one of them asked me where I got the water to build it!

So I showed them that if they dug deep enough, they'd get to the perfect, moist sand that you need...then they made their own 'next door' to ours. Naturally, we also made a little road to get from one castle to the other. ;-)
A few days later - I was so excited to meet baby Raya (the 1st daughter of my wedding planner...who we made this diaper cake for). She was only 2 weeks old and just precious. Listening to Lynn's birth story was beautiful & made me reflect on my own...especially since Kapri's 3rd birthday is right around the corner.

This newborn age is so surreal for a first time mom. Your life is changed in one single've never been so exhausted in. your. LIFE. You don't go one single second without thinking of your new mini-me and his/her well-being. Yet you've never felt so incredibly in depended happy.

Love sleepy babies with their sweet smell and their teeny hands/feet:
All the ladies:


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