Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Shower Gift Set

This past Saturday I was unable to attend my neighbor's baby shower/sprinkle (baby #2) - but I was able to find some time to make this cute gift set & drop it off just before the party started.

I purchased little birdie fabric (to match her nursery theme), to make an initial onesie with, so what better to pair with an outfit, than matching itty bitty shoes?!

Baby shoes were definitely something I hadn't made before (attempted, but never finished)...something quick & cute - obviously... and these "Modern Baby Booties" from the Tao of Craft - were perfect!

Since this was my first attempt at making these, I know I have a bit to improve on - trail & error. The tutorial is a bit cryptic. For instance:
  • It doesn't direct on which shoes (left or right) you're working with... the soles should match up correctly to the top part of the shoes - not sure if mine did perfectly because you're working mostly while it's inside's confusing. 
  • And the velcro should be identified as to which side to place it on for each shoe (left & right)...otherwise you may end up with the strap securing so they end up on the INsides of the bueno...they should be on the OUTsides. 
  • Also, the strap is SO small/narrow...then when you sew it into a tube (inside-out), then try to flip it right-side out, it's pretty hard to accomplish (I re-did this about 3 times to get it right!)...I used a chop-stick to help flip it!

Maybe I'll make another pair or two, while keeping track of my steps so that I can make my own tutorial, haha!

Then I found this fabric with birds on it and it literally screamed at me: "put me on a burp cloth!!!" - so I listened & did just that. It's beautiful. Definitely completed my gift 'set':

The little card is also handmade. I saw this adorable bird scrapbook paper and this pre-cut square paper, and knew they'd be a match. So I cut the bird to fit against the pre-cut piece, then glued them together. For the middle/text area, I cut out a smaller square from the top/pink part of the bird paper ...then sewed a little design on another piece & glued that on. This was actually cheaper than buying a store-bought baby shower card... less expensive, cuter, & one-of-a-kind - you can't beat that!


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