Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My little {ballerina} dancer

A few months ago, Kapri came home from preschool asking to go to 'ballet school'. So I told her I'd talk with daddy and we'd see. I started looking into classes, but needed a weekend class...so we ended up at the YMCA, which happened to have a Sunday class, just for 3-yr olds starting mid-January!

 photo Ksfirstballetclothesshopping_zpsb2309af6.jpg

We signed her up 2 weeks before the class started - she was so excited! She also saw a friend of hers from preschool while we were filling out paperwork...she hoped she'd be in the same class - but since there are classes ranging all week long, I was doubtful.

 photo IMG_1685_zps13aedcd9.jpg

But sure enough, while waiting for her class to start...her friend Brooke showed up - they were SO happy to see each other & be in the same class!
 photo IMG_1667_zps4d258320.jpg

I had a work conference to attend right after her 1st class (with a 2 hour drive up north), so I was grateful I got to go...she looked seriously adorable in her little outfit & sock bun.

 photo Ksfirstballetclass_zps72249e14.jpg

The class started with her teacher & assistant going over a few rules & info, then the parents had to leave the room so all the little girls could focus and listen to the teacher's instructions.
 photo IMG_1668_zps287f2c9c.jpg

For 45 minutes, James & I peaked through one of the windows and tried to take pictures through the blinds... she did so great following along - she definitely fit the part! We have a total of 18 classes, with a final dance recital just before her 4th birthday! I can't wait to see everything she learns :-)

 photo January_zps30e95f2c.jpg

Side note - we had a little plain bag for her ballet gear, but I found this cute canvas pink one....then embroidered it with her name and added some pinwheel fabric flowers to it and it's perf!

 photo CfCampCraftPics_zps0ba0d172.jpg


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