Thursday, January 24, 2013

Toddler Chore Chart {with money!}

With Kapri quickly approaching FOUR years old (wow)...I thought it'd be a good idea to start implementing a 'chore chart' so she can learn the value of earning, saving & even spending money. She knows that the reason mommy & daddy have to work almost every day, is to get money. And she knows that we need money for basically everything....the house we live in, the food we eat every days, her toys, her cozy bed, even gas to drive the car to go fun places. 

So of course I looked to Pinterest for some inspiration...and LOVED this idea!

Cheap & easy...that's usually the only type of craft that appeals to me. And this rang up to only $7 for supplies I didn't already have:
  • 3 chalkboard buckets at Target = $3 total
  • 1 frame at Target = $4
  • Ribbon for bows = $0 (already have)
  • Dry erase marker = $0 (already have)
  • Clear hooks = $0 (already have)
I made the chart in here to download it & customize to your child's name & preferred chores/values/etc. Then I glue it onto some purple polka dot scrapbook paper, put it in the frame & hung it on the wall.
 photo KaprisChoreChart5logo_zpsa7daccde.jpg
Then I added little teal bows to the top of each bucket and wrote "Saving", "Giving", and "Spending" on each with my awesome chalkboard marker (need more colors of this guy!). Finally I hung the buckets above the frame - supppper quick & simple!
 photo ChoreBuckets2_zpsa5694731.jpg

So every time she completes one of the chores, she gets to mark an 'X' on that day's square - then at the end of the week, we'll total everything up (which can be up to $4.15/wk), and I'll put that money in her 'saving' bucket. If at anytime, she doesn't do a chore (like pick up her toys) then she has to pay mommy & daddy by having that chore amount put into the 'giving' bucket. Then whenever she wants to save for a certain item, toy, etc., she can put those coins into the 'saving' bucket.

I just love how this simple project turned out!

 photo KaprisChoreChart3logo_zpsbab361bb.jpg

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    1. Hi there - any size will work really...depends on what you like. I think I just used an 8x10 size :-)

  2. I love this idea.


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