Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Online Shopping - hit or miss

We bought this 7-piece bedding set from Macy's about 7 months ago (on sale at that time for $75!)...I loved it in the store, but they didn't have a King. So we had to have it shipped to us. After only a few washes - the comforter (cleaned less often than sheets) started to come apart...tearing where the pretty embroidery meets the gray color block fabric. Sad day. I really loved the grey & green color combo!

 photo RippedBedding-Macys_zps3ffd7a0b.jpg

So the hunt began...again. Blah.

 photo websearching_zps926b7981.jpg

I feel like I/we've never owned a bedding set that we've really LOVED... so I spent a hours & hours researching sets, comparing prices, number of pieces, exact size measurements, made sure it was machine washable and most importantly: REVIEWS.

Over a few days, I would email James over & over with new photos/links to check out & get his opinion - and we narrowed it down between a few. I think I looked at probably 10 different websites and hundreds of sets!

Finally, we took a chance & ordered THIS 12-piece set (yes, TWELVE) online through - without seeing or feeling it first. But the 137 reviews, with a 4.5 star average totally sold me. I was hoping to find something with more color...but I guess I can do that with fun throw pillows on my own. I was able to find a 10% off for first time customers (def not a first-timer, but created a new acct with a different email address, hehe!).

Shipping was INcredibly fast...I ordered it on the 25th, and it was on my doorstep on the 29th - that's awesome!
 photo PragueBeddingSet_zps20b89c21.jpg

After I opened it all I was relieved to feel how SOFT the fabric was...before even washing it! The comforter was huge and suuuuper fluffy - I envisioned myself wanting to go to bed early just to wrap myself in this thing! I know from previous 'sheet buying' experiences with - that's is best to first make sure things FIT on your mattress before washing them. If they don't, and you've washed them - they deduct more money from your return amount.

First I threw on the comforter - holy hugeness. There's a good 15" of material on EACH side and at the foot of the bed - amazing. Though the grey in it doesn't quite match our grey curtains...maybe I'll change that one day, but for now it's not so bothersome.

Then the sheet test. "yayyy they're super soft...Oh pleaseeeee fit!"

Happy to report - they passed the test - with PLENTY of room to spare. Isn't she purty?!!

 photo newbedding20132_zpsb6c2835c.jpg

 photo newbedding20133_zpsdccae39a.jpg

I'm still waiting for my Euro Square Pillows to go in the very back...but I think this purchase was definitely a HIT!

The colors are so pretty and perfect to please both our tastes...not too girly...not too masculine - just right. The sheets are super soft and the comforter has the best amount of 'fluff''s seriously wonderful!

 photo newbedding20135_zps22e29f4c.jpg


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