Saturday, June 23, 2012

Operation: UPGRADE

This is an update to the Operation: Big Girl post  ;-)

Kapri's bed was FINALLY delivered. 
Just need to reposition her wooden letters to be centered over the bed

On Memorial Day, we went to Jereome's and got her fabulous new twin bed & dresser (and a King frame for us!). 

Her set was on back order due to it's popularity, so we knew it'd be well over a month til we received it. But I asked James to call on Thursday to check the status - and what do you know....BOTH our sets were ready for delivery AND lucky for us, they had a cancellation for Friday.... so our delivery was scheduled between 5-9pm.

After I got home from work, I started moving the remaining bits of furniture downstairs. James had to work late, but he had taken apart our whole bed (which we gave to my youngest sister...major upgrade for her, since our queen was only 3 years old!) and brought down the rocker. 

Then my sis & I moved each piece of the queen in 4 trips, to her house one street down from us...the mattress was the toughest, so we managed to get it up on top of my car and CAREFULLY drive it over, was hilarious! See:

As the rest of the night passed, while we patiently awaited the delivery truck. I was exhausted from all the heavy lifting & moving by 8pm. So glad Kapri nuzzled up in my arms while watching Tangled, so I could rest my eyes a few minutes at a time ;-)

At 8:30pm, I called to find out where they were...oh joy...running late, they'll be here around 10pm. At 9:45 I called again...oh joy....running super late, they'll be here around 11pm. They finally arrived at 11:15pm - I was in & out of sleep on the couch and Kapri was awake as ever, watching Horton Hears a Who. As they put everything together, I followed closely behind, setting up all the bedding. Thankfully, James came home shortly after, so he was able to take a video of Kapri seeing her new bed for the first 12:30pm!!!  (Yes - I wrote them a very wordy nastygram!)

She was so excited...jumped right into bed, rubbed her eyes...then we laid next to her (YAY!) for some quick snuggle time, and she was out. 
sweet dreams big girl!

After she was snug & cozy, we got to work on our bed (old bedding here - ew)...

  • Comforter set HERE from Macys... I just love the color combos so much!!
  • 800-thread count Egyptian sheets HERE from sooo soft! 
  • Foam mattress HERE or HERE - amazeballs reviews!
  • Thermal Blackout curtains HERE, also from - they are SO soft and really keep our room dark (at least from that window...we should get another set for our sliding window too!).

As we grabbed each corner of the fitted sheet, we quickly realized it was WAY too small...I checked the tag...crap. It's a FULL-size fitted sheet...dangit!! Ah well, we just slept on the flat sheet instead...and a new fitted is already on it's way thanks to helpful customer service at Overstock!

I have some old decorative throw pillows from our old queen set, so I'm going to make new/coordinating pillow cases for those. I had also made an 11x14 canvas with a pic of James & I that is so sweet...I mod podge'd it on & hung it above the!

Yippee for our new *upgraded* beds!!

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