Friday, April 27, 2012

Operation: Big Girl

I cannot believe K will be 3 just under a month! And lately - everything is "big girl"....

She has to brush her teeth herself, because "I'm a big girl mamma"

She loves to sit & eat at the dining table (instead of her high chair), because "I'm a big girl mamma"

She has to put her shoes on herself, because "I'm a big girl mamma"

You get the point.

So we've come to realize that it's probably time to start transitioning her to a 'big girl' bed. Especially since she now wakes up in the middle of the night / earrrrrrly in the morning yelling "peeeee mamma...peeeee dadda!!!"  While laying in her current crib {cannot even believe I said "crib" - sounds like I still have a baby!} she's got maybe 6-8" of space left, between her feet and the bed panel. Whoa - kid's growin up FAST!
literally screaming "taaaadaaaaaa!!"
So after agreeing that we should first start by removing the front panel so it's a small 'day bed'. She was so excited when we mentioned it to her. James took it off while I was on a mini run (still re-cooping from my damn shin pain) - so when I got home she was yelling for me to come upstairs. I went up to find her sitting up on her front-panel-less bed, legs hanging off the mattress, surrounded by her books, and a huge smile on her face. She's stoked!

It's so cute to read her books while she's snuggled up laying in bed with her little 'friends', haha

We're also keeping the child gate up in her doorway so she can't attempt to roam around downstairs alone...or unexpectedly sneak in our room :-\

We'll keep it this way for a month or 2, then shortly after her birthday we intend to redo the room, getting her a twin sized bed...while taking out the crib & rocking chair (which are both on their last breath I presume). I'm sooooo excited for this new chapter of K's toddlerhood (pic below showing said excitement, courtesy of Kapri)! I honestly never gave any thought to what her toddler room would look like, up until now...

So I guess now it's time to start searching for bedroom sets!! A few I like:

Jerome's - Crystal Collection

Jerome's - Sandy Shore Collection

Mor - Bayfront Collection


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