Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Run in the Whitewash

running in the whitewash of the ocean...
a nearly empty, serene part of the beach
toes digging into the soft sand with every step...
undone beach-hair gliding in the crisp sea wind...
admiring Kapri play with her dadda,
{complete with red cheeks and a huge perma-smile, without a care in the world}

What a great way to spend the afternoon...ahhhh freedom.

Freedom from my stressed mind, freedom from my worries...concerns, freedom from my work/desk/computer and freedom from my couch/tv/kitchen. Way toooo much on my mind lately...I needed deserved a mental health day!

And it. was. beautiful.

Being on the beach with the peaceful sound of breaking waves truly is a happy place for me...for us...the Mejia fam. Kapri's face literally had J.O.Y. written all over it.

{pure euphoria}

That adorable smile remained on her face until it was time to leave. She loves the ocean just as much as we do and I am so grateful that we only live 3 miles away.

Watching my loves play & splash together in the cool water made me smile inside & out. Of course I had to capture these simple, yet incredibly precious moments:

 One of my favs, above/right...she's walking in his footsteps - like daddy, like daughter.

One day you won't need to hold my hand in safety - so I'll cherish each day that you do....until next beautiful little girl.


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