Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dadda's Day 2012

Happy Dadda's Day to all the wonderful dads out there.... We have a great one to recognize in our home...

When I first met James back in high school - I thought he'd be a perfect boyfriend....funny, good great looking, outgoing, affectionate, athletic....but back then, I never thought of what married/parent life would be with him.

As the time passed through our dating years, many times we talked more about kids than we did marriage... that was clue #1 that he'd be a pretty awesome dad. After we married, the discussions got more frequent. Then around our 1-yr anniversary, we decided it was time. And boy did it happen fast! When I took the at-home pregnancy test and it was positive, James couldn't believe it - he was going to be a dad at last. 

He was so great during the pregnancy - always wanted to feel her kicking, chatted with her & played her the "Capri" song (by Colbie Caillat) from his cell phone on my tummy.

Once she arrived James exceeded all my expectations as a father to Kapri. 

Now, three years later, I'm amazed at how incredible James is as a dadda to our beautiful daughter. He lights up her life & she looks up to him sooo much. I need to reach for the recorder more often when they are together....such sweet moments I never want to forget. Times when they're snuggling on the couch (she fits so nicely by his side, under his arm), times when they're playing at the park, with her toys or just tickling each other (love that laughter), or times when he's reading her a animated and warms my heart.

There's no guide to parenting, motherhood or fatherhood - but James sure does know what he's doing when it comes to raising our child. I knew I scored when I got him....but Kapri lucked out the most having him for her dadda. I couldn't ask for anything more in a man - a loving, patient man - who puts family first & knows how important family really is!

Here is a re-cap of our wonderful day together... pool, dinner out, beach walk, & gifts!

she was the shrimp QUEEN...probably ate about 500 pieces! 

Love you babe...and THANK YOU for all you do for this family every singe day. Even if we don't say it all the time - we think you're one of a kind and a SUPER STAR dad! Happy Father's Day!!!

xoxo - Me & Kapri

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  1. There is a word in China said that the daughter used to be her father's lover in their last life!


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