Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not a baby anymore


We now have an *almost walking* toddler…a one year old lil muffin…no longer a baby. See, I have proof:

**Note that the highlighted email towards the bottom says "My Baby This Week"
and the email towards the top says "My Toddler This Week"...ahhh...a tear**

James & I took the day off from work to take miss K to the Wild Animal Park – it was great, just the 3 of us. We stopped at James' work to pick up some P&O food to bring with us & eat when we arrived at the WAP (such a cheap...err, smart idea!!). It got pretty warm...mid-80's maybe, but there was plenty of shadded areas & misters throughout....gotta love that spray sunscreen for babies!! NOTE TO SELF – we decided that in the future, whenever we want to take her to Sea World, the Zoo, LegoLand, etc.…we'll alwayyyys go on a weekday! It was sooo nice not having to deal with crowds, lines, and stroller mania! It was a peaceful, adventurous day...perfection.

Before we even got out of the parking lot, K was passed out – and James followed shortly after…thank you Sade for making yet another awesome CD – it’s so relaxing, I’m surprised I didn’t get sleepy while driving…BUT, I had good reason to be wide awake…we were headed off to get my newest, latest & greatest ink done – this is now my 4th tattoo and probably my FAV. It was really special to me that I got it ON her actual day of birth, exactly one year from the day my life changed forever & I got the best job ever...being a mommy to a beautiful chunk lil girl!! I love you munchie!!! xoxo


(ick...please disregard my manicure...I took my acrylic nails off a few weeks ago...$$ I'm still getting a hang of this base coat, color, top coat...paint-them-yourself thing)

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  1. i can't believe a lot of things from this post.
    1. they call her toddler now....NOOOO she is still a sweet baby girl!
    2. no nails - who is this person who you've turned into? they are soo cute though!
    3. did james get ink - i LOVE yours


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