Sunday, November 13, 2011

iTan Recap - Week 7 / 8

Have you ever used Crest White Strips? And if you're like me...don't you HATE that you have to wear them for 30 minutes at a time, for 14 days...only to get white, but super sensitive teeth??

Been there. Done that. No thanks.

Now listen up people - for a bit more $ than those at-home kits (but less than treatments from the dentist), less time, little to NO tooth sensitivity and great results - you can get your butt over to an iTAN and check out their teeth whitening service, with a product called "Whiter Image".
*Currently available at iTAN Downtown, iTAN Encinitas, iTAN La Mesa, iTAN Mission Valley, iTAN Pacific Beach, iTAN SDSU and iTAN Winchester.

You get 3 box kits filled with all the goodies for your session. There's the teeth color guide, a cleaning wipe, a vitamin E lip protectant (the Q-tip), a 'bib' (in case you drool, haha) and the teeth tray.
Results will vary per person
It's recommended that you use all 3 kits during one, 45 minute long session, however if you're short on time and/or money - you can always split it up into three 15-min sessions (but do each following session as close together as you can - at least within a full week).
This is what the process is like during - you can check FB or your email while you lay there!
I drink my FAIR share of coffee & I knew it was time to test this out. However, I did my first session with hesitation. If you're a long time reader, you may remember my little mishap in the bathroom over a year ago...which resulted a costly "resin" front tooth repair (cheaper material than porcelain) - fun stuff.

I was scared that this would lighten all my teeth except the 'fake' areas that were repaired. But after some extensive guidance from the awesome iTAN Encinitas staff, I decided to do one session and was really pleased with the results. Both the 2 iTAN staff members & I think my teeth went from a color 5 to a 4:
not the BEST before & after pics...but you get the point...I definitely saw a difference!

Then I decided to do a 2nd session, which I think dropped me down to a color 3...yay! Best part is, you can't see the 'fake' area at all - phew! But they are definitely whiter, but not like, crazy INYOURFACE white like that one Friends episode, where Ross gets his teeth whitened before a date, hahahaha, hilarious.
ew...thank goodness I'm not in the 10+ range...yikes!
They also have a whitening 'to-go' pen, which I have & will use now that I've done 2 sessions. There's also a 'lip gloss plumper', which I don't have, but am definitely curious in!

Definitely give it a shot if you're looking to get a brighter smile...It'd be great to do before the holidays! OR, this would be a great Christmas gift for a friend or family member.

**UPDATE** - I did the 3rd session a few days later on Thursday and my teeth look great...I'd say they're a 2.5 on the color chart & I'm super pleased with that. You can't see the 'fake' part of my front teeth at all, yet they're all lighter, YAY! Soooo glad I tried this before my 10-week iTAN access is up! I love how many people comment on how white my teeth look...and I'm SOOO happy this product didn't cause any tooth sensitivity...big fan!
Note - I was freshly spray tanned for our final "after" pics that took place later this day

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