Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prepping "Calista's Craft Corner"

I've officially decided that I've outgrown my little sewing/craft space in our dining area. It's taking over...spreading out much further than just the dining table. The organized clutter & chaos is finally driving me a little crazy.

Okay...I lied...more like, A LOT crazy.

And since we're hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner that is just 15 short days away...I kinda need to get my butt in gear & move all this crap. Stat.

Kapri's room should've been split in 2 (giving us a 3 bedroom condo), but the original owner didn't want it that way. It would've been nice to have. So 1/2 is all her stuff, the other 1/2 is our 'office' area. Technically we don't really use it as an office these days & we've decided to replace our desktop computer with a laptop. So there's not a huge need to use our corner desk just for a computer. It would however, be a perfect little space for moi.

In preparation for said move, I needed to find inexpensive DIY ways to better organize my beloved craft supplies. So I dug around my house for things I could 're-purpose' - here's a start:

Fruit Snack Box (Costco that it's thicker than a cereal box):
Scrapbook paper & Mod Podge

Pickle Jar:
burlap (love), ribbon, twine, & scrapbook paper

Paper Towel Roll:

a little paint, 3 small chopsticks (from a huge .99 bag of them) & buttons - I think these will be cute in a small clear vase

Artichoke Jar:
ribbon & felt

A heavy, old "Martini" wall sign (that I took down a few months ago when I brought some new colors into my kitch):
Just 2 pieces of matching scrapbook paper & some Mod Podge! This will house wooden letters:  C  R  A  F  T
Ribbon (saved from an old blanket purchase):

{just run through machine & pull the bobbin thread to make it gather and a your glue gun to form into a flower shape}

And of course I made myself a little burlap sign to designate the area as mine:

I have so many other fun, creative ideas for this space - just need to plan accordingly & spend a very minimal amount. I'd love to repaint the whole desk, but who am I kidding - I don't have time...and paint costs money, haha! Maybe some other day in the future.

Cannot WAIT til it's all done & when I'm settled into my new 'corner', I'll be sure to post pics!


  1. You are so talented! Everything looks awesome! :)

  2. @Kendicles Thank you!! I just cannot WAIT til it's all done...gonna start tonight...oh boy.

  3. Such talent! Those flowers are darling! I host a Monday link party and would love for you to join me with these crafts at

    Wishing you a wonderful Monday!

    1. hi h. rae, thanks for checking out my blog & for your sweet comment! I will definitely link up my paper accordion flowers to your "Make it Yourself Monday" post, thanks!!


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