Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inspired....by a dish towel

These $3 dish towels...

I saw them at Ross today, and looooved the gray & teal combo so much, that I got a cute matching-ish rug ($8):

And a fun little $4 vase - reusing the same flowers from a previous 'red' box style container (which of course no longer matched):

Then I took down some old 'wine' themed wall decor above my sink area & replaced it with this tropical painted plate decor (added ribbon to hang it), that we received as a wedding gift (almost 4 years ago) - the colors went great:

Then I mod podged some pretty scrapbook paper around my "Splenda" container - as it no longer matched the marron/wine themed kitch:

And I covered 2 little candles with paper as well (hope they don't catch on fire...maybe I should mod podge those too!):

Kinda crazy what $15 and a few scraps of paper can do to change up a room huh??! I *heart* Ross.

Now if onnnnnnly I can come up with a good proposal to my landlords to redo our cabinets & countertops with these fabulous kits from Rust-Oleum - amaz right?! And do something like THIS to our downstairs bathroom! Wishful thinking...


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