Sunday, October 16, 2011

iTan Recap - Week 4

4 weeks down, 6 to go...

Have I really been doing this a whole MONTH?! It's crazy to think that I first started this process on Sept. 17, and things are going great! This week I've decided to highlight the Beauty Angel - this stand up, skin rejuvenation booth is a quick (only 12 minutes!) & easy way to get firmer, younger looking skin & tone up those weak muscles.

 Beauty Angel Benefits:
• Rejuvenation Therapy (so good to use this AFTER a tanning session)
• Visibly reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines (yes please)
• Reduces pore size
• Makes the skin visibly tighter, firmer and smoother (I'll take that!)
• Reduces the damaging effects of environmental influences

 Platform Body Vibration Benefits: 
• Reduces the appearance of cellulite (is this a dream?!)
• Stimulates circulation
• Tightens connective tissue
• Relieves muscle tension (ahh, feels good for sore muscles!)

Just before starting your session, remove all clothing & jewelry & pin up your hair. It is also recommended to apply the Beauty Angle Effect spray all over your body....then slip on your little protective goggles & jump in!
The red lighting in the BA room didn't really agree with my iPhone 4 cam, haha
There are 4 different levels to choose from once you start the Beauty Angel:

Level 1 - is good for relaxation
Level 2 - is good for beginners
Level 3 - is good for increasing circulation
Level 4 - is good for reducing the appearance of cellulite  (**I do this one each time of course - GO AWAY DIMPLES!!**)

You can adjust the fan, music, music volume and of course the levels mentioned above. Then you just hang on to the 2 little ropes up top and enjoy the ride! The vibrating plate varies in speeds throughout the 12-minute it's definitely good to hang on tight so it doesn't catch you off guard when it speeds up.

I've noticed that when the plate is vibrating at a slower pace, it's best to stand almost completely straight... (don't lock your knees've seen bridesmaids/groomsmen pass out & fall over during a wedding ceremony right? yeahhhh...don't lock your knees!)...anyway...I tend to feel my upper leg muscles contracting when keeping my legs almost totally straight. Then when it speeds up faster, I bend my knees a tad bit more and I really feel it all over my thighs/butt/hips.

The whole time I just envision the excess fat melting, well...jiggling itself away in this nifty little booth! It's definitely helping my legs out, gotta feel good in my skinnies sooner than later!!  ;-)
Like that 'excited' face up top...yeah, good times in the Beauty Angel - teehee!!


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