Thursday, October 13, 2011

Burlap Mania

I have developed a major love for burlap. I have a whole pin board dedicated to it! I've had a TON on hand since I made Kapri's growth chart back in March. I actually forgot about it...until recently - which explains the burlap button pumpkin. I also had a $.99 wreath that was mega sad & lonely. Burlap was its rescuer!
This literally took me about 30 minutes (fabric flowers were previously made and waiting for a good home) to make last night. I just used 4 long, 3 to 4 inch wide pieces of burlap - 1 was used to wrap around the wreath...and the other 3 were sewn together to form one looooong string, then I just quickly folded over & sewed little pleats.

No pinning, no measuring...just went with it. Then I attached that with glue gun to the back of the round wreath.
I was going to add some black ribbon make it more "Halloween-ish"...but I really wasn't feeling it. Nor was I liking a bright I went with teal for the middle of the yo-yo's. I think these are good, neutral, somewhat Halloween/fall colors.
The flowers were made a few nights ago...the big orange one was just one long strip of fabric, sewn down one side, then I pulled one end of the string to make it gather up. The 2 small "yo-yo's" were sewn by hand with this fab 2-minute video tut! Then I attached them with small squares of sticky-back Velcro, so that I could inter-change the wreath with different fabric flowers to coordinate with different seasons/holidays/etc. Smart huh?!! haha

I may want to add a little mini bunting across the middle of it...saying "Happy Halloween" or something.

And now it hangs happily on my front door. Thank you burlap!! Now what to do with you next?........


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