Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Date with firefighters ;-)

Kapri had a fun date with a few firefighters at preschool today! Although I kept her home since she's getting over a little cold, I still wanted to take her in for the per-scheduled visit from the local fire department. And of course it turned out to be one of the hottest days - like, we're talkin 20 degrees ABOVE normal. Oye.

3 of them came to visit & talk to all the kids about dailing 911 in case mommy or daddy is really sick/hurt, the dangers of fire & how to behave in the event of one, stop/drop/roll, etc. Then one of them got dressed (from head to toe) in the complete fire suit/gear. They learned not to be scared of them (the air mask they wear could be a bit scary for younger kids) when/if they ever have to come save them from a fire.

Then they got a really fun actually SIT inside their firetruck...the kids were so stoked. Kapri couldn't wait to get her plastic red fire hat & jump in, too cute!

The next day she went to school all day - where she wore her very own Fire Department t-shirt from  Grandpa (who's the fire captain at a local station down the street) and was able to share Grandpa's old fireman's hat. I hear all the other kids loved it!

I'm so impressed with this preschool & couldn't be happier with our selection. We get weekly updates from them recapping the highlights from the previous week & letting all the parents know when the next week's shape, color & letter they will be focusing on. We then have to find something for K to share that relates to either (or all) of those things. This week is "G", Orange & Triangle...Maybe I'll go pick up a small orange pumpkin at the grocery store, draw on black triangle eyes, nose, mouth....and let her glue on some gold sprinkles all over it or something, hahaha!

**UPDATE - that's exactly what we did...and it turned out PERFECTLY!!


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