Monday, October 17, 2011

What your to-do list is probably missing...

I just watched the TODAY show interview with Giuliana Rancic, announcing she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. W. T. F.?! So freakin sad. I hate hearing news like this - whether it's from someone I know personally or otherwise.

What devastating news to hear when you're giving your all over many years, into trying to conceive a child. I just love G - her show gives us a glimpse into her life - her marriage is so cute, her job is AWEsome, her personality cracks me up and her style is "amazeballs" (as she would say!).

Something she said during that interview really struck was so simple, but incredibly powerful...I decided to make a little printout via Picnik to put up in my cube... perhaps even in my bathroom so I can see it everyday....just as a little reminder. Download a copy here!

Color palette inspired by Giuliana's website - love!
This not only applies to getting tested for breast cancer and other cancers....but it's also a good motto to live by - from the food we eat, how often we exercise, how often we rest our bodies, etc. As she said in that interview - we as women, take on SOOOO much, we're just so busy nowadays. Putting ourselves on the to-do list shouldn't be a distant thought - it should be priority #ONE! If we're not well ourselves, how can we take care of other things, other people, other 'priorities'??


  1. i was so teary watching this bam and i felt like it was a sign that i needed to sign G and I up for doc's out here in sac. done and done. thank you Giuliana!!

  2. ahhh, I know right?!! I definitely wish they had like, a full body scanner that could test for everything...cancers, etc. Which reminds me, I need a skin check-up!!


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