Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finally feels like fall

When I was, still in school younger - I LOVED summer...what kid wouldn't?? No school, no homework, no tests, no teachers....summer was THE best time of year for any age school kid.

Things have shifted a bit for me, as those dreaded school years have slipped into a distant memory. Fall has quickly become my new fav time of year. The weather is starting to cool off, but not as chilly as winter....perfect for fuzzy scarves, thick socks & tall chocolate & warm apple pies....crackling fires & cozy blankets.
all pics courtesy of Pinterest

Also of course, Halloween, Thanksgiving......and my birthday ;-)

I've gotten some fall-ish touches up around the house...can't wait to add more fun decor, as we get closer to Thanksgiving, when we'll be hosting a yummy traditional turkey dinner for the very first time...hope we don't burn the main dish, eek!

Anyway - in addition to my burlap wreath, button pumpkin & mod podged frame...I have added:
  • a fabric pumpkin that I made from an old linen tie bag, stuffing, a stick from outside and fake fall colored leaves. 
  • a centerpiece that I created for about $5.... $1 glass container from Walmart, $1 bag of mini cinnamon-scented pine cones, $1 bag of mini plastic pumpkins, $1 cream/brown/green fake flowers, & $1 bunch of greenery....all from Michael's!! 
  • a "Spooky" sign hanging on our screen door and a "BOO!" porcelain pumpkin with fall leaves on our outdoor shelf, both from the dollar store (sometimes buying it pre-made is cheaper than DIY!)
  • and a scrapbook paper bunting banner, that I hung up around my little cube at work. 
I now lovvvve fall/autumn!!! Within a month, my house will be totally decked out for turkey day, yippee!! Thank you Pinterest for never, ever failing to give me so many inspiring ideas!

OH...and really quick...on that note of being inspired, I created my very first 'subway-style' art for this time of year using Picnic...cannot wait to frame this & put it up somewhere! Download your own copy here!


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