Friday, October 22, 2010

iTAN FIT Bodywrap Experience

Lucky me...I won another little giveaway the last week...this time from iTan! I got an email saying the first 5 people to write on their Facebook wall would receive a free body wrap. So I went to their site, commented...and sure enough, I was winner #3!!

So.....guess what I did this evening?? You guessed it, I got to try out the hour-long body wrap for myself. It. Was. Weirrrrrd. And ya know...I couldn't really find any good, detailed reviews on this thing prior to my appointment...besides this generic video on YouTube:

Here's MY review of iTan's "FIT Bodywrap": 

I got there & was pretty quickly briefed through the process by the attendant, I wish she slowed down a bit actually. Then I was slightly annoyed when she asked if I brought a bottle of, no. I was told when I made the appt, that they would provide me with water. But no, they were out. Great. So since I didn't want to pass out from dehydration, I ran over to the Rite Aid for a bottle...phew!

Then I followed the attendant to a room in the back, where she laid a towel on the bed/table and another towel on the floor. Hummm. After she left, I had to 'dis-robe' and put on this "fit booster" spray stuff (making sure to pay special attention to those 'problem areas'). So after drenching myself with the spray and I got into this strange, full body, clear plastic button-up bodysuit type thing.  Then I laid down on the narrow bed/table and pulled this huge, thick, blue plastic 'blanket' over my whole body - like a sleeping bag with velcro along the edges. The cover has 4 sections: #1 covers the chest/arm area, #2 is for the tummy area, #3 is for your thighs/butt and #4 is for your calves/feet. Each of those sections has it's own temperature control... ranging from 107 to 140. #4 is recommended to maintain at 107, since the foot area has the least amount of I kept it at that. But up'd the other 3 areas to 140 within the first 5 or so minutes.

I put on "The Holiday", with Kate Winslet & Cameron Diaz...such a cute movie. Though when it started & I wanted to fast forward through the previews...remote didn't work...oh, a missing battery - that could be why! HA. So after about 40 minutes in, I looked at the time remaining...22 minutes, o. m. g. It is meggga hot!! I tried to just focus on the movie & forget about the heat. Then with 19 minutes still left, I felt sweat start to drip down my face. Lovely. Then with only 10 minutes left...I could not stop checking the clock. Minute by minute. That's when I really felt my heart rate increase and really had to breathe through it.

BEEEEEPP..."yessss, finally, all done!".

I flipped over the blanket thing, sat up and looked at the plastic suit, that was now practically shrink-wrapped on every inch of my body. wow. Then I stood up...let me just tell you, it's a damn good thing that chick laid a towel on the ground, hahaha. I wish I knew how many calories I actually sweated off?! And I should've weighed myself immediately before & after...ahh well, next time! After drying off I had to stand in front of the fan FORever since I was so hot. It was pretty interesting..not sure if I'd pay $100 per session for it! Maybe it just takes a few sessions, but I didn't lose any weight (or noticeable inches) immediately after...but I did read a review that said they noticed their body felt firmer/leaner the next we'll see how I feel tomorrow. I know that any 'loss' is suuuuper temporary, but even if it helps my lil post-baby pooch for just tomorrow (wearing a new, form-fitting dress out downtown), then I'll be happy! haha


  1. whoa, sounds very interesting!! I'm sure you'll be looking fab tonight :)

  2. Did it help at all the next day?

    1. I think it did! Definitely just felt less bloated, less 'water weight' I guess you could say ;-)

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