Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love that smell

Is it weird that I loveeee the smell of freshly dyed hair??? Am I the only one? haha...well today I finnnnnally got my 'her did' - after 13 whole weeks - ugh, that was way too long! I absolutely love my color/'s dark, with a plum-ish color throughout, only trimmed a smidge off the ends...and yes, I'm growing out my bangs. They were a wreck, until now! Thank you miss Niki for working your magic on me yet hair feels phenomenal & looks fantastic... thank you thank you thank youuu!! xoxo

Niki is awesome!

She's back to doin hair, what she loves most... at a cute little place called Scripps Hair & Skin Gallery - how cute is her biz card?!! Love it! And love you Niki :-)

If you need a new, fantastic stylist, and you're in the San Diego her up & tell her I referred ya!

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