Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

 On Saturday night, we met up with the Ritchison fam to take the kiddos to a pumpkin patch in Del Mar. This one to be exact. I'd never heard of it before, not sure if they've set up in that location before, but since it's only 2 exits south from our house, we thought it was perrrrfect! Much better than driving 45 minutes-ish up to Bates Nut Farm in 100 degree weather + sitting in a 30 minute line just to get we did last year. Ugh. was overcast, slightly misty and not crowded at. all. It was perfect!! After about 2 seconds in the stroller, Kapri started doing that typical toddler "ehhhhhh" noise and stretching her whole body out. Hum... do you think she wants OUT? we let her run all around and basically followed her around.

First she went on the carousel with dadda...she kept shaking her head "no" and I really think she was super excited when it ended! haha
Then we let her explore all the pumpkins...she was so fascinated. I got her to sit down on a pumpkin for a quick pic, then ran behind her the rest of the time.
Okay seriously how ugly are all those white 'price' stickers?!!!
I'm not sure how we even managed to pull this family pic off. Literally seconds before she was squirming...just dying to get out of our arms & be 'free'!! She is so independent...I love it & hate it at the same time :-(  What's funny now that we're parents, is that we just smile forEVER, while whoever has the camera just snaps away, trying desperately to get Kapri to just look in their direction (much less smile, sheesh)...while we just keep smilllllling til our cheeks hurt.
Then we managed to get both kids to sit next to each other for another lil photo opp...SO cute right?!! 
 Then I went on the 'cho cho' with her...she did NOT want to get off...and kept pointing to it after it was over - silly me, I had a 'free train ride' coupon in my wallet that I forgot about & just found today...ugh. was so cute, I was laughing hysterically because she just kept saying "weeee.....weeee" in this really quiet, but high pitched voice. Love her!
 She rode the lil car...another fav. I couldn't take her out. Ultimately I gave her a snack while she just sat there for a bit!!

Lastly...the petting 'zoo'...which really consisted of like, 6 goats, 5 kinda scary white/albino bunnies, 1 black sheep and 1 caged up chicken. Wow. Nothing special for us, but SO much fun for her! Then, she had a major freak out session when I took her out. I know she loved it...but damnit, those friggin animals started peeing & poo'ing all over the place - I had to run to save Kapri from a stream of pee on goat felt necessary to release just 5 feet away from she runs fast...and omg, can you imagine if she ran towards a lil poo pellet thinking it was chocolate or something?!!! k, that was really gross to even type, but seriously. It was TIME to go. So she screamed. She cried. Yes, I have that kid.
Ahhh well...I still love her regardless of those lil fits.

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  1. Looks like fun!
    Love the family picture!


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