Sunday, November 27, 2011

iTan Recap - Week 9 / 10

What an intense 10-weeks I've gone through at my 'home away from home'...iTAN! As my journey with that experience comes to an end, I'm so happy that I got the chance to use all their wonderful products and services. I met some great people (shout out to the fab employees at the Encinitas location!!) and got toned & tanned, right before my birthday and the holidays.
We had a fun little photo shoot at the iTAN in PB where we did some final video testimonials and our official after pics. Lucky for us, they sent us over to Diesel Salon to get us completely primped for our final photos. I got my hair & makeup done...and felt great!!
I would highly recommend anyone to iTAN...especially to the Hydration Station, the Sun Angel, the Mystic, the Lumiere Facial and the WhiterImage Teeth Whitening system. ALL incredible services and well worth the money in my opinion. I lost a few pounds while firming up (pics to prove...but seriously no one wants to see my bare post-baby belly pooch!), minimized fine lines on my face, got a brighter smile and a fantastic tan! Who could ask for more??

Here's my before pic:
very first pic - taken Sept. 14, 2011
During pics (there were more...but I haven't been able to get a hold of those yet):
gotta love my post baby pooch...and by 'post' I mean 2.5 yrs after giving birth, hahahaha!

An email ("Bronze Buzz") that iTAN sent out to all subscribed members...when you clicked on this image in the email... brought you to a webpage with snippets of our after pics, so cool!

And here are the after pics:

I've also been informed that a "Bronze and Beautiful makeover book" is being created & will be distributed to all the iTAN locations for people to look though. That'll be interesting to see!! haha Thanks again iTAN!!!!!


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