Sunday, November 27, 2011

A surrey, a pier, 2 pelicans & a milkshake

While reading Kapri a bedtime story the other night from a book called "Goodnight San Diego" - I got an idea. After saying "goodnight" to a boat, K would say "I wanna go on a boat"...or goodnight pier "I wanna go on a pier" - so I though, hum...we could do that.

I decided to take her to the pier up in Oceanside. There's also a Ruby's Diner at the end of it, so I figured we could rent a bike, ride along the boardwalk, then finish the day off with a yummy milkshake.

So I called up my sis Chelsea and we were on our way for a fun beach day.

Of course the rental place didn't have any bikes with a toddler seat attached, so - our only option that would accommodate her was a "Surrey" - til writing this post I had NO idea what they were actually called, LOL! That makes me laugh.

Anyway, that was a first for all 3 of us...what's funny is that we both pedal, however only 1 of us steers the thing. Which makes sense, but there are TWO steering wheels, so that's odd. We had fun though & it was actually a bit of a leg workout (god knows I need it after our Thanksgiving!):

With picture perfect SD weather & crystal clear blue skies, we walked down the pier & checked out all the surfers below. THEN, we came across 2 pelicans just chillin out on the railing...they were fearless of humans. One guy even held up a little fish and the pelican opened up its huge mouth completely over his whole hand & took the fish - caaarazy. Finally we sat down inside Ruby's, ordered some food & DElish milkshakes - Kapri wanted strawberry, Chels got plain ol vanilla, and I of a chocolate banana shake - OMG heaven.

Perfect end to the day!


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