Monday, October 3, 2011

iTan Recap - Week 2

2 down, 8 weeks to go:

I have to admit I'm a little sad that 2 whole weeks have gone by...rather quickly too. I literally have been to multiple iTan locations every. single. day. for the past 15 days (except today). Isn't that nuts??!! Yeah, I definitely think so. But you know really gives me a good excuse to just RELAX - something I don't do often. If I am 'relaxing' at home, I'll probably have the TV on...along with the laptop and/or iPhone very near. So really...I'm not totally relaxed.

It's days like last Monday. God I despissssse Mondays. I used to work from home on was a "sometimes good, sometimes not so good" balance of work & mommyhood. However, that has since been robbed from me - so I'm back at work. It's really hard & I'm still adjusting.

Last Monday was brutal.

I was stressed & overwhelmed...just a general mix of things coming from different elements.

By the end of the day the stress in my head had moved down to my lower back & it was killing me. The first thing I thought of while leaving the office was laying down & closing my eyes. My calendar said "Beauty Angel", but my body & mind said otherwise. The thought of standing upright was not my idea of relaxing. So I did the Red Light Therapy Bed, followed by the Sun Angel. Perfect solution to a pretty 'blah' day.

Let me just say, that I am in LOVE with the Sun Angel. After 20 minutes of total peace, quiet & relaxation...the soothing music, the refreshing aqua mist...the cooling body/face fans...everything was JUST what I needed. I left feeling soooo rejuvenated & relaxed...a much better way of greeting my daughter at home after a long, icky day at work.

I was also finally able to try the Hydration Station...amazing - check out my vid above for more detail. PS... please iTan, paaahhhlease...get more Hydration Stations (oh, and Beauty Angels) at your other locations...specifically Encinitas.   K?   K, thanks!

To end the week, today I was going to do another FIT Bodywrap session, but after spending a majority of the day at the beach enjoying some beautiful 'summer like' San Diego weather, getting baked, sweaty & covered in sand by Kapri... doing the whole '70-minutes-130degree-body-bag' thing didn't sound desirable. So I skipped out...for the first time so far. I kinda feel guilty!! haha...ahh well.

Tomorrow is our first official 'check in' with iTan to go over our individual progress & thoughts on all the services/products. The only thing I'm really bummed about is STILL not having the Lumiere Facial 'repairing' packets :'-(  Hopefully I'll get them this week.

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  1. Can you tell me the prices for the itan products?? And i love watching your videos! Thank you so much!!!!


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