Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blue/Brown Diaper Cake

Absolutely love this cake - it's simple & the colors are so rich. In my opinion, anything looks fabulous with a deep chocolate brown! Kapri's bedroom colors were pink/brown, my wedding (& my sister-in-law's) was green/brown - as is my bedroom...haha, AND actually so is my downstairs bathroom, LOL!

Anyway...I made this fab cake for a friend to gift to another mutual friend a few weeks ago for her baby 'sprinkle' (the 2nd child's "shower"). I was going to paint the wooden E-L-I (Elijah for short) letters, but then saw this fun scrapbook paper. So I cut it to match each letter & secured it on with a few layers of Mod Podge.

I'm a big fan of hydrangeas - obviously - so that made a great top to the cake.
Doesn't it look lovely as the focal point at this baby 'sprinkle'?! These turn out so beautiful that usually the mommas don't want to take them apart! Luckily I plan ahead & typically use size 3 diapers in my diaper cakes, so that they CAN keep them in tact for a few months for extra nursery decor. ;-)
Can't wait to meet you Baby Eli!


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