Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 lucky little ladies!

This past Sunday, I was honored to attend a baby shower for a dear friend Christi. I met her when I first started my position with my current job...she's always been such a positive, happy person and just a  joy to be around. Christi's been blogging about her journey over at "Anything 4 U Baby" and was also featured in a San Diego Examiner infertility article just 8 short months ago. She & her husband have been through SO much, more than I can fathom...but I'm SO happy to report that she's been blessed, after many struggles, with TWIN baby girls...due in just a few months!! These little girls may not know it yet, but they've got a great set of parents, ready to devote their lives to love & nurture them to the fullest!

My SIL, Amanda, & I decided to make her a massive, 4-tiered diaper cake for this very special & much anticipated day. We'd never done one like this before, so it was a challenge...but we pulled it off rather well I'd say!
We love our DCC nights (diaper cake central) - I think the wine, cheese & crackers helps fuel some creativity, haha! For the base, we used 3 pieces of poster board, taped together, then wrapped it up in some ivory fabric. The whole cake has approximately 300 diapers - which they will definitely need with 2 little ones! We hand-painted the "A" & "W" in their nursery colors and found coordinating flowers to match. I'm so proud of this cake...made for one deserving & incredible mother-to-be!

Love you Christi!!! Cannot WAIT to meet little A&W!  xoxoxo


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