Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vocab Spurt

Kapri has been quite the little parrot these days...mimicking every single word we say practically. Of course I just happened to notice this around the same time I got an email titled "Your 21 Month Old: Week 2" - she really that old already?!! Anyway, the email took me to this link - which confirmed my suspicions of said parrot roaming around the Mejia household these days (aka: Kapri). It's so incredible how it has seemed to happen overnight, her being able to really tell us things makes life both easier & a little harder at the same time. Odd as that sounds.
One part that really shocked me was this:
Most children "spurt" between 20 and 22 months in both comprehension and production—that is, they are able to both identify more items and say more words during this several-week period. (In the study, the children at the high end went from saying 50 words to saying 500. Many increased from 50 to 350—still a huge leap in only two months.)
That's insane!! And she's definitely saying hundreds of words these days...even saying up to 3 words to form a sentence, such as "ahh looo dadda/momma" (ahh looo meaning 'love you') or "peees more cookie/cookie more peees" (of course). Her memory is getting so great too. Being a mommy/parent (as tough as it can be at times), is so rewarding. Watching your child grow & learn everyday...I still can't believe how fast it's all happening. This one made me chuckle too...because I really have to watch what I say, and continue to correct people around us as well:
Avoid embarrassing copycat statements. Children are mimics, and they will copy words as well as actions. If you're occasionally harsh when speaking around your child or you swear from time to time, try to curb your use of inappropriate language. If you don't, don't be surprised when you hear your child say, "The damn remote won't work!"

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