Monday, February 28, 2011

1st snow trip!

On Sunday we took a drive up to Julian to have a day of fun in the snow. I think I pictured it in my head going a little differently. I thought K would for sure nap, at least a little on the drive took us almost 2 hours, and we left right around her normal nap time. I was wrong.

Once we arrived, we knew parking would be horrendous. We drove right past the famous "Julian Pie Co." store... only to find they were CLOSED due to snow. Um...what?! How is every other place in this small town open the day after the snow storm, but not them?? Lame.
Oh we found a great parking spot like, 20 minutes later, bundled up & headed out for a stroll around this quaint little town...I love it. We stopped at the local park...which was blanketed in fresh snow from the storm that passed the night before. It was beautiful. Kapri I don't think really understood what it was...we told her we were going to play in the snow - but of course she can't pronounce it well, and it comes out more like "no, no" hahaha!

So we let her pick it up & throw it around...we looked at other people's awesome snow mans and snow seal...yes, 'seal' amazing is that?!

It was so cute watching her try to navigate through the snow, in her little pink boots & big puffy jacket. I actually got really warm, and had to take off my scarf & unzip my snow jacket...crazy. Maybe next year we'll have more fun - note to self, invest in a few cheap-o, plastic sled discs - she'll love that!

Once our fingers were frozen from playing with the snow, we walked around Main St., and put our name in for a seat to have lunch at Apple Alley Bakery. Of course Kapri decided to have a complete melt down (from lack of sleep & lotsa walking around...making her extra sleepy & grumpy). So, that didn't go as well as I hoped at all. We ate quickly, paid our bill & were outtie! As soon as we changed Kapri, got her in the asleep. Go fig.

Then we stopped in Santa Ysabel (just outside of Julian on the way home) see if the 2nd Julian Pie location was open. Sure enough they were, so I ran inside, got in the little line...only to discover a sign sitting on the counter that read "Sold Out". Fanfreakintastic. So then I jumped back in the car, we crossed over the parking lot to go to Dudley's Bakery for some amazing bread, jumped out again - and what do ya know, OUT. I'm obsessed with their rosemary bread & parmesan bread, and I only get to indulge maybe once a year if we're up there...but, it was all gone. No bread for you. Of course all of these things I can order online, but it's really just NOT the same. Better luck next time.....hopefully.


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