Wednesday, March 2, 2011

O...M...G....the fall of all falls

No joke. Major fall. One I hoped would nevvvvvvvver ever happen. One that had me seriously panicked & scared, all. night. long.

The dreaded crib fall.

Literally, put Kapri down to bed 2 nights ago...after 20 minutes of trying to get her to go down peacefully, I finally had to walk out of the room leaving her in tears. As I walked to my room to get ready for bed myself, I noticed her cries getting louder. So I finished putting on my night face lotion & was about to start walking back to her room to soothe her. All of a sudden, through the crying, I hear a loud THUD...and no my crying. HOLY CRAPPP!

I ran to her room like a bolt of lightning, push open the door, flick on the light...OMFG she's on the FLOOR!!!! She's gasping for air, as if the fall knocked the wind right outta her...I sweeped her up into my arms & held her...trying to hold back my tears. My heart was racing...I set her down on the rocking chair to inspect her head & limbs & just make sure she was okay. I wasn't sure how she landed, and was scared she could have a mild concussion or something. But she was coherent and could answer my questions. Took me about 45 minutes just to get her to go back to bed...she refused to lay down. I had to stand next to her crib, with my hand on her belly...and just wait for her to doze off. I'm convinced she's now TERRIFIED of her bed now. Great. She just sits there, in the dark...while I plead with her to lay down...and she points to the rocking chair and says "momma, chair...momma, sit...up...up". She wants me to hold her close & rock her. It's heartbreaking, but I have to be stern and not give in.

We also now have her old crib bumper on the floor...JUST in soften the blow of any future fall. AH, I hope this doesn't happen again...maybe she learned her lesson!! I thought I had a body pillow laying around that I used to sleep with while pregnant...but I can't find it. So this will have to do. If she attempts or succeeds in climbing/falling out 1 more time, we may have to transition to 'toddler' bed...which we DO NOT want to do yet, haha!


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