Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mini Step-Stool

I decided to make K her very own little step-stool, covered in pink, in hopes that she'd start to LIKE brushing her teeth. It's a nightly battle that we continue to deal with...she hates us brushing her teeth, but we know she won't do it as good by herself. So I think the goal will be for her to use the stool in the mornings, then at night one of us will brush her teeth thoroughly.

I found a plain, wooden stool at Michael's for $7 bucks, spray painted it white, then mod-podged the HECK out of some old polka dot tissue paper I had on hand - and gave it a crinkly look. Then I used some pink ric-rac along the sides, added pink wooden letters for her initials, and glued on a cute princess crown that I randomly had at the bottom of one of my craft drawers. Turned out pretty well I'd's kinda cheesy, but she loves it! was so cute all brushing our teeth together...showing her that we have to brush too, so being the little copy-cat that she is, she was happy to go along with it.

And here's another fun vid of our little parrot getting ready to go brush up!


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