Saturday, July 31, 2010


..."Diaper Cake Central" - that is seriously what my house has become...and I LOVE it!! On Wednesday night Amanda came over to help me make another fab diaper cake, this time for my girlfriend Alex. But first we HAD to pop open a bottle (or 2) of wine, made some brie-bread and rosemary/roasted garlic - that would probably be my last meal if I had to choose one before I died. seriously.

Anyway - this is our 3rd diaper cake that we've constructed together and I swear they get better & better each time! I was going to attempt to do it all on my own, but she knew how much I still had to do for a baby shower I was helping put together in only 1 week. So she graciously offered her assistance! I honestly don't know if or how people can make these themselves....well at least for the bottom base part of the cake - because you literally need 4 hands & 4 feet to hold it all together while you try to tie ribbon around's pretty intense & the pic (if we had one) would be a hilarious sight!

Without further are the pics of this perfectly pretty in pink diaper cake (ps...our first girly one, the other 2 were for boys!)
AFTER!!!  :-)
Mejia Mania - in the form of a cake!!

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  1. Very cute diaper cakes! Love that you added the basket. Those are a life saver on the changing table.


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