Monday, August 2, 2010

"Baby" sized cake ball cones I'm a HUGE fan of Bakeralla - she's amazing...suuuuper duper talented. I want to be her when I grow up. My first encounter with making her delish cake balls was a few months ago when I made cake pops for Valentine's Day. Can you please just check out this utterly fantastic book she literally just came out it NOW - and buy one for me when while you're at it! You're welcome.

Anyway - while reading her blog on my Google Reader last week, (just after I found out I'd be helping plan Alex's baby shower in only ONE week)...I stumbled upon this little jewel - first thought: "I AM MAKING THESE".

I did just that...BOO....YAAA:

My very 1st one!
So, I started baking both a white & a chocolate cake on Sunday morning...let them cool for a bit, crumbled, mixed in cream cheese frosting, got messy with goodness, was a cake ball making machine (see pic, I swear)...let them chill for the afternoon...then after K went to bed, I started assembling, dipping, & sprinkling away. For 3 freaking hours....sooooooooo worth it!

"eat meeee"


  1. i love bakeralla ... im not sure if i could make the cake balls though... earlier today i stumbled across this video from TLC dc cupcakes and it kinda is like your adorable cone cake balls!

  2. ZOMG - those look great! I saw that post on Bakerella's blog and totally want to do those too!! Are those standard sized cones - or did you buy mini ones from somewhere?

  3. You did a great job, those are awesome.

  4. i canNOT handle how cute these are. i am 100% having these at my baby shower, done and DONE. you made them PERRRRRRFECT!!!!!

  5. I have searched just about everywhere for those "tiny" such luck! Where did you find them? I have needed them for several things that I have made but had to use the regular size ones...those look amazing!

    1. Hi Nicole...I found the tiny cones at a local restaurant called "Souplantation" ( I just asked the manager on duty if I could buy a few packs off them ;-) If you don't have a Souplantation near you, I'd suggest online...Amazon? Here are small sugar cone ones: \

      Good luck!!!


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