Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alexandria's Baby Shower

Last Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a simple, yet beautiful luncheon-style baby shower for one of my most treasured & admired friends, Alexandria...whom I've known since high school! She lives up in NorCal now, but came down to SD to visit her fam & of course we HAD to throw her a baby shower. And what better location, than at the delish Tomiko restaurant, where she both worked AND had her wedding reception at just 2 years the crew there are practically like a second family to her. How stunning is this bride???!

Alexandria ~ July 2008
Alex & Mitch....Mr. & Mrs.!!

We literally had like, 2 weeks notice that she was coming we planned this in just ONE week...that's all folks! Can we get like a medal or something??

The Planners

I of course made her some stylish burp cloths...I had previously asked her to choose 4 patterns out of a bunch, without her knowing what it was this was the end result...I love these things! They become quite a part of your daily 'shoulder' wardrobe, so why not make them cute!?

And of course I had to make her a diaper cake, as mentioned a few months ago...these things are essential!

Lastly, here's a pic of my little scrumptious bits of heaven that I found from Bakeralla - this chick is amazing! I made her cake balls before for Valentine's Day (here) - so when I saw these I thought they'd be perfect in 'baby' sized cones, for a 'baby' shower! I think they turned out pretty damn well!! They were a hit, so tasty & luckily I made a TON, so the ladies had lots of leftovers to take home  ;-)

Oh...and we had a Onesie Creation Station set up along the bar was covered in the cutest stamps, paints, ribbon, iron-on patches, buttons, fabric pens & puffy paint - all the guest got to decorate a onesie & Alex picked her top 3, who won prizes. These ladies got SUPER creative - I was really impressed! We told Alex that she'd have to take a pic of little Ava in each onesie & send to us!!

It was such a wonderful day, a memory that I will cherish forever. Love you Alex!! You are going to be one of THE. most. incredible. mommies. EVER. I'm soooo happy for you & your new journey into parenthood! xoxo

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  1. beautiful shower and great job!!! You should be selling those diaper cakes! Alex looks amazing!


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