Thursday, August 12, 2010

Introducing..."Custom from Calista"

Finally. I did it.

After much encouragement and months of hesitation...I finally decided to start my very own online boutique called "Custom from Calista"!! I'm really excited about it and ready to pass along my crafty crafts to others.

Here is a link...please bookmark it, pass it along to friends, fam & co-workers - and if you are kind enough to order anything, please spread the word by telling people you got it "Custom from Calista"! For any questions or order requests - please email me at: - I'll do my best to whip up what you need, custom to your own liking!

Thanks for everyones ongoing support & push to get me in the direction I needed to go in!!


  1. Ahhhh! How cool! Love etsy. But haven't heard of weebly. Heading there next to check it out. Congrats, Calista! XO

  2. Love the logo!

    Hey - how do you make photo collages like that? Photoshop or do you have another program? We had photoshop but after the move, had to wipe our hard drive and lost it :( I've been working on my mac just using the photo editor there, but am sadly missing my graphic capabilities! A collage would work great for Clint's upcoming party!

  3. Congrats on starting your own business!! I got your email regarding the licensing info..sorry I haven't written you back yet! We are going to work on getting a California business license (I believe that is also a wholesale license), a tax ID, and setting up my sis as a sole proprietorship. I am also going to purchase Quickbooks to get starting on her accounting. Please pass on anything you come across that may be helpful!! I wish your store had been around when I was planning my first baby shower!

  4. Thanks Kendall & Kristen!! Kendall, I'm sure you'll have more baby showers to attend and/or plan in the future, haha, so keep me in mind!

    And to Erin...I WISH I knew Photoshop...really want to take a class someday in the future. But I just use Picasa (downloadable program through Google), which actually has now synced up with amazing online tool for editing pics & creating collages. Good luck :)


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