Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've been lagging on my blog...I know, I knowww! I have Vegas pics to post...but I've been very focused on my new biz/website. For starters...I got my logo made (see post below) and I LOOOOOVE it. Next up is business cards & a sticker for my car (thank you write offs!), fabric labels, a business license & a seller's permit. After that, I'll be heading out to a few local children's boutiques with some inventory to inquire about selling my items in their stores.

I've looked into possibly even getting a booth down at the next street fair in called the "Fall Festival" - that's on November 21st...which gives me enough time to submit my application, have a plan in place & create, create, create! I also just made a Facebook fan page...go "Like"

Go on...go!! haha

So in the meantime, I'd like to post a few cell pics that I've been sent over the last few weeks from people who watch Kapri...mostly James and Mary...OH and one from Mindy! :-)



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