Saturday, August 21, 2010

Child Care...and a sleepy muffin

So, James & I checked out a 'day' care/preschool type of place last Tuesday. They have different sections throughout the building for 3 age groups: Babies up to 17 months, Toddlers 18mo-30mo (I think), then a Preschool group. Kapri LOVED the toddler group...I set her down and she ran over to the group while they were huddled around one of the 'teachers' who was singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Adorable. She's super tall, so she looked like she was over 18 months, though she's only 15 at the moment. I just envisioned her spending time here & having soooo much fun. The owner was talking to us, and I didn't even hear what she was saying. I was so distracted by watching Kapri interact with the handful of other children...she's soooo social, I love it!

Then a boy pushed her.

Ahhhh the beginnings of a school fling. Love at first sight. Remember that? In grade school when a boy liked you, he would actually be MEAN to you & push you around?! What gives? haha, oh well, she fell on her butt & looked up at me like, "ummm, moooom...did you SEE that...aren't you gonna DO something?!!" It was too funny... then she started to get upset, so I picked her up to comfort her...."It's okay Kapri, that's just what boys do when they really like you". She'll get it one day. We later found out he had an older brother...that would definitely explain it, hahaha.

Anyway...the cost for it, for only 2 full days would be like, upwards of $600 or something. INsane. Granted that includes all meals & milk throughout the day. Awesome. But James & I just don't have that kind of extra money just laying around. So the research continues. I'd actually love to find a home daycare with a small group of kids, here in our city close to home....but we'll see.

Lastly, here are a few pics of lil Kapri yesterday....after we left Uncle Steve & Aunti Manda's house - she had so much fun running around & playing with pool toys, indoors, haha:


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  1. Just did my first Picasa collage! Go check it out! :)


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