Sunday, October 30, 2011

iTan Recap - Week 5 / 6

Well, I've decided to lump the last few iTAN blog entries into 2 weeks each, instead of one a week. There's not much really to report on that's vastly different or new. Combined with my full time job, part time side biz, full time mommy/wife duties, and just life in general - family, friends, holidays, events,'s exhausting to say the least.

In all honesty it is a bit hard trying to fit in going to an iTAN salon pretty much every day, or at least 5-6 times a week. After a month of doing just that, I think it wore me out - sounds silly actually - being able to lie there in a bed/booth & just relax should be easy, haha! Don't get me wrong, it's FAB and I absolutely love having an all-access pass to use any & all services at my leisure - very grateful to iTAN for this experience!!

So the one new thing to report is that I finally tried the VersaSpa!! I hadn't been yet because the only 2 salons that have this service are a bit out of my way.

But after seeing that Adrienne Maloof had it IN her house (worth almost $40K to own!!) for 'spa day' on a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...I knew I needed to make the effort to test it out!

I had heard all sorts of wonderful things about it, like the color is more of a natural bronze, rather than an orangey tint - it's basically the same as the Mystic spray tan, but has an anti-aging formula as well. It's not warm like the Mystic HD, but it's suuuuper fast! Gotta love that. It doesn't have a door like the Mystic, so don't get confused when you get in and cannot locate one to close, haha! 
Because I was running a ton of errands, I wasn't thinking & should have done before/after I'll have to do that before the 10 weeks are up. ;-)

I love how my skin looks with a spray tan, my makeup even seems to go on better! It also does a great job covering those slight 'imperfections' like uneven skin tone, cellulite, stretch marks, and even lightly masking dark veins - like the small cluster of spider veins I have on my upper thigh. That'd be a good before/after pic too! So overall it really makes you feel more toned or slimmer...a visual trick that spray tan manufacturers are making BANK on! haha

Spray tanning really is the way to's the safer alternative to roasting in a UV tanning booth many times a week to get the same color. It's completely UV-free, gives you great color within a few hours (or ask for the instant bronzer during the session to have an immediate glow after) and lasts about a week with proper care - especially if you use the VersaSpa Amplifier gel:
I definitely liked it - not sure the color was much different from what I get with a Mystic Tan - I do like how quick it is, though I also like the warmth of the Mystic more than the cold VersaSpa....however I did feel like I was dryer after the session with the Versa - even though it was cold - as odd as that sounds.

Try it out one day...You won't be disappointed!


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