Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back-2-Back Bday Parties

whew...what. a. DAY!

Kapri & I had such a wonderfully busy day ...spent with friends, celebrating 2 adorable little "A" turning 2 and the other turning 1. Of course as gifts, I made them both their own unique Crayolls:

First up was the 2 yr old's bday party in the morning - the kids were asked to come in their fav dress up outfit OR their Halloween outfit, such a great idea! I knew K would spend most her time playing at the park, so I didn't want her to ruin her Belle dress. So I asked her which tutu she wanted to wear - she picked black/pink, so I pinned a little "princess" button to her shirt, draped a little necklace on her, put her hair up in pigtails & off we went.

They had so much fun at this "Minney Mouse" inspired birthday day - complete with the bday girl dressed up as Minnie, a Minnie candy-filled pinata and of course yummy Minney cupcakes!

whoa...picture overload!! haha

Then we headed home for a little snooze!

Next up - was to celebrate Ava's 1st bday party in the afternoon - at my fav beach, Moonlight.
haha, cheesiest CHEESE face ever.

A's mamma, Alex & I practically grew up on this beach -- if you've read my past posts (like here, here, here & Kapri jamming out here)'d be well aware that this is like my home away from home. Many special memories here.

The kids played, we ate some more yummy food...and more yummy cupcakes - then K & I walked closer to the beach to watch a beautiful sunset. And finally, we all sat around a big bonfire while mamma Alexandria opened up Ava's gifts. So glad they're living here at the moment so I could be a part of A's 1st this fam!!


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