Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love this city

I love Encinitas so much.

I never want to leave it again.

Thankfully James totally agrees! Moving up to Chico years ago made me realize how great ENC really was. It is the perfect little laid-back beach community that has so much appeal. I've been in other cities throughout the county...but I also seem to find my way back to my roots. I was born & raised here - spending a huge amount of time at different beaches up & down the coast.

My family moved to Escondido (never again!), back when I was in 2nd grade I think...then we moved back out to Encinitas in the middle of my freshman year of high school. That was rough. But looking bad I'm soooo happy & fortunate that my mom made that hard decision. This, of course, is where I met my high school sweetheart-turned-husband! It's crazy to think of what your life may have been like, if a choice (big or small) was (or wasn't) made!!

After high school, we moved to our 1st little apartment together with some roomates in San Marcos (right next to Esco, but NOT in it!)...then a few years after high school, James moved up to Chico, then I moved back to Encinitas. I followed James a few months later and we were up there together (in the tiniest little 1-bedroom) for about a year & 1/2... this is where I realized how much I LOVED Encinitas. I longed for it the entire time I was gone. The Beach (Moonlight specifically). The People. The Lifestyle. Our Families. The Weather!

We moved back to Encinitas for a few months after he graduated...then found an adorable, upgraded condo in Rancho Bernardo/Carmel Mtn. area (right beneath Esco, but again, not IN it! haha). After we found out I was pregnant with Kapri, we knew we had to move back to our hometown of beautiful Enc to raise her in the same area we were raised as kids. We also knew it was important to have her close to our families & spend quality time with them.

I am SO glad we did...though we had to fight to break our lease, it all worked out and we've been here ever since!

I think Kapri loves it too, and will appreciate that we moved back here so she could flourish in such a fabulous city. I know in the next few years, we'll outgrow our home when we decide to try for baby #2, and I can only HOPE that we'll be able to afford staying here (aka: actually OWNING a home).


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