Sunday, April 24, 2011

High five Easter bunny!!

This year we went to the same Easter event as last year...the Carlsbad "EGGstravaganza"! Of course this year Kapri actually got to participate in the egg hunt now that she's older/walking. But because she's barely 2, they had us go to the "non-competitive" joke, that's what they called it. So the younger kids would go & pick up 5 eggs, that were in one little grouping. She did NOT like that. She wanted to keep going and find more eggs...ugh. I should've spoke up & told them that she was definitely more suited for the 'competitive' egg hunt. So, she had a melt down after I had to pull PRY her away from all the other eggs (for the remaining line of kids waiting their turns)...I mean, wow...look at the DRAMA of this pic her last desperate attempt to reach out for the eggs behind us...sheesh.
Anyway, it was a fun day besides that...she really wanted to go in the jumpie, so that was cute. Then she made a valid attempt at this weird slide thing...which involved a kid having to crawl through a narrow tunnel, then somehow climb up somewhere deep inside, then down a slide...after the tunnel I couldn't see her, nor could she see she just kept going back & forth through the tunnel...then we called it quits, haha. After the dramatic egg hunt earlier, we quickly distracted her at the cupcake decorating table...thank goodness. She indulged for a moment, which gave us the opportunity to snap a few quick pics with her since she was pleasantly occupied.
Then we stood in line for a pic with the Easter bunny. She was great at giving him/her/it a high five and 'knuckles'...but when it came time to sit on his/her lap, she was NOT interested. So James held her and the pic turned out okay. Then the bunny tried to give her a hug. Nope. She ran. Then she ran back once more later for more high fives & knuckles...and still no hug!!
We also let her pet some little creatures, including a lizard and a turtle, which she loved...thank GOD the huge, icky, hairyyy tarantula these reptile-people brought was kept securely in it's container...EW!! Across from that booth was a woman with some awesome drums - the kids went nutso over these things. I wish I could've bought one for little muffin...though it's probably best I didn't in the long run. Finally, we were able to SIT for a moment & eat some food, while K chugged down a smoothie... then she ran off to play with some other kids in an activity circle thing...that wore her out. Thank goodness my mother-in-law & her bf came to lend some extra hands, since James could only stay for a bit as he had leave for work. Running after a toddler in the midst of her "terrible-twos", that has her OWN agenda, in a park full of five billion people, is pretty damn exhausting. Though this shows me she is super independent & loves to do things on her the end of the day she is such a love bug. She gives hugs & kisses galore, she is generally super sweet and calm. But when there's just soooo much going on, so many things to do & places to go...she wants no part in me running the show these days!

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  1. this was the cutest blog entry bammie! it's like you scrapbooked it or something! suuuuuper cute kapri! love her!!!!!!!!!


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