Monday, July 25, 2011

Sand, Sun & some Soulful Funk!

Whewwww...what a day we had yesterday!

I really cannot remember the last time I was able to spend a good 5 hours down at the beach!! Having a kid with a pretty fine-tuned nap & eating schedule makes that a little difficult at times. But she was such a trooper & we all had so much fun visiting with some friends, eating great food, listening to some live, funky soul music and enjoying the flawless SD weather!

Two of my dearest friends have recently re-located BACK to our pretty city and I am so happy they are just around the corner again, rather than a full days drive away :-) Not to mention being able to see the one of the cutest little babes ever, Ava... who Kapri just adores. She is GORG! Her & Kapri will be breakin boys hearts in the future I'm sure.

Cannot wait to have another fun Moonlight Beach day again soon.

1 comment:

  1. Love you girl! So happy to be back and enjoying the summer time, together with our girls! Can't wait for another beach day!


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