Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snuggle-Time Sundays

My heart & soul are truly happiest during the few early morning hours of "Snuggle-Time Sundays" - rain or shine, exhausted or wide awake, sick or matter what, we cherish the time spent laying in bed with our snuggle-bug.

Kapri lights up on these mornings. She giggles & jumps around on our bed, occasionally stopping to look at both of us & smile - it melts my heart. She jumps in-between us & securely wrap one arm across each of our chests, & we know she's silently saying to us "YAY, you're both here, together…mamma AND dada…at the same time...I love you!"

Sundays are the one & only day we all 3 get to spend quality family time together. Many days during the week, it's almost as if we are each single parents, since one or the other is at our full-time job.

Sundays are family breakfast days...something warm, delicious and comforting - today I made some cinnamony-sugary Monkey Bread 'muffins' with homemade gooey icing...mmmmm:

so scrumptious with a cup of Dunkin vanilla coffee

Sundays are OUR days. It's been this way for the past 2 years & hopefully it'll continue for many more to come! To us, it is the single most important & special day each & every week.


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