Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My mamma, monkey & me

Look at me & my mammaaa from way back when. IDK how old I was here...maybe 2 or 3 and looks as if maybe it's from the photo booths at the Del Mar Fair. It's so weird to look at now that I have a 2 year old little girl...who coincidentally has a stuffed monkey animal of her own (well, it's a Curious George one, that she got at the fair this year, same diff)!

Anyway, I saw this sitting out at my mom's house the other day...and totally flipped because seeing that little monkey head brought me back...way back. I remember how much I looooved that little guy. He wore a little blue outfit with a gold medal...maybe because of some Olympics back in 1984ish?? Oh, duh, I love you Google & Wikipedia...THIS would make sense then! hahaha

Anyway...that beloved monkey got LOST during a trip to the grocery store and when we went back to find it - he was gone...completely M.I.A. Luckily my mom was smart & already had a backup on hand, but this one was in a red outfit...SO NOT THE SAME to a little girl!! I think that event was so traumatizing, that I actually remember the gist of it. Crazy huh?? It's weird to think that Kapri could potentially remember things later in life, that took place in her life at only 2 years old.


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