Sunday, October 30, 2011

2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Night-In

Tonight we had over Auntie Manda & Uncle 'Feve' to do some pumpkin decorating. Unlike last year, Kapri was able to help & create her own little pumpkin masterpiece. I love this age. She was so amped to glue & glitter her own little crazy-eyed guy:
I just love that 'witch-body' apron!
We sipped yummy pumpkin ale beers while we carved away and scooped out all the seeds to bake with garlic salt & cayenne pepper - sooo good & mega addicting!
 And after many hours...especially for James''s the final products...the bottom left is a monogrammed "M" with gold push pins and glue swirlies sprinkled with black glitter (inspired by this). The bottom right is a mini pumpkin in a lace stocking tied with a silver & black ribbon bow (inspired by this) fun (I credit Pinterest pics for some fun ideas!)

Don't they look cool all lit up on our outdoor ledge? James' is 1st, on the far left (evil pumpkin), Steve's is 2nd (spooky face), mine is 3rd (kitty bat...with glitter glue eyelashes & lipstick!), and Amanda's is on the right (2 with a mustache and the other with eyelashes and an "O" face, haha!)
 Love our fun nights together like this! xoxo


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