Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or TrEEEEat!

Longest. day. ever! I thought Saturday was busy with 2 was wayyy more jammed.

James & I both took Halloween day off to spend with Kapri running all over the place. She woke up around 8am, we snuggled for a bit in our bed as we chatted about all the fun things that were planned for the day.

I started to get ready and James took her down for breakfast...then I got her primped & prepped in her pretty princess Belle costume, and finally jumped in the car to head to her preschool for a Halloween party they were hosting. Surprised we actually made it out of the house on time, by 9:15!!

I also brought in a bunch of Halloween Pumpkin Funfetti Cake Pops for everyone to enjoy! Amanda & I slaved over them the night before (same night as pumpkin carving) - I just cannot even handle the level of cuteness of these little guys!! A majority got brought to my work for the Halloween festivities, but I made sure to save enough for all K's school buds:
I was hoping to do pumpkin faces on them all...but the damn food pen was NOT happening - just getting one done was hard enough! Boo

The kids all looked so cute dressed up and it was so cool to see Kapri with all her buddies having fun. Too bad her freakin crown would NOT stay on her head...ahh well. At school they had fun indoor 'Halloween' inspired activities, a cute little mini-sized jumpy outside, got read a spooky Halloween story by one of the teachers...and finished the morning with a pizza lunch:

We left shortly after to have a little mini-brunch date all by ourselves, that's a rare thing these days ;-)

After picking her up around noon, we tried to have her take a little nap before the next outing...but that was a total fail.

So we got her dressed again & headed to my work for some light trick-or-treating and our annual Ice Cream Social. This was her 3rd year attending - here's here first and her second.

She also got to see her good friend Arden, who she's pretty much grown up with! A was dressed as princess Rapunzel from Tangled - just recently saw that movie with K & we loved it BTW!

Then we went back home to rest (no full nap again!) & eat a little food before our next & final outing.

I seriously have more fun watching K go Trick or Treating, than I had actually doing it myself when I was younger.

Seeing her happy & excited for something fun like this just makes me happy! This year we met up with some old high school friends and all their kiddos to walk the neighborhood & collect the goods!! After every house she's say "Need more mamma...more candy" - I have NO clue how many times she said was a broken record no joke.

And she was definitely a bit on the groggy side, since we had 2 failed attempts at a nap. But we made it through. She even told me when she needed to potty and thank god we just happened to stop off at one of the kids' grandparents house...phew! I was curious how that'd play out this year!

She was a little apprehensive about going up to houses, especially the 'spooky' ones as she called them. Next year when she's older, she'll probably (hopefully!) be more receptive to it, not being as skeptical to knock on doors or not being as quiet while saying "Trick or Treeeeeattt!!" - but we'll see. I'm sad we didn't get more pics...but I don't have a camera at the moment, and my iPhone wasn't cutting it...ahh well.


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous! So cute in her little princess dress (I'm sure she got all the good candy when she went trick-or-treating :)

  2. @Jen @ My Own Road thank you!! Yes, she scored lots of great candy... most I had to bring to work so that it wasn't so tempting in our house, haha!


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