Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Festivities

On Friday afternoon my work hosted their annual Halloween Ice Cream Social. All the employees invite their spouses/significant others and kids, they all get dressed up & trick-or-treat around the office, then all join in our atrium for some yummy ice cream. It’s so fun to see everyone and those adorable kids in their costumes! Here are  a few pics from that…and Kitty Kapri friggin lovvvvved that ice cream:

Then on Sunday we met up with James’ fam for some dinner & trick-or-treating around his mom’s neighborhood. This year was wayyyy more fun for us (& Kapri) than last year, since she’s walking now, and can grab a piece of candy & drop it into her pumpkin bucket. Too cute. I’m pretty sure she was even attempting to say “trick-or-treat”…though it came out more like “tttshssshtttssh”, hahaha! She did great saying ‘peas’ (please) when each person opened their door, 'bye' when we said thanks and ‘mo’ (more) when we left each house. Early on she was literally pullllling me down the sidewalk as she ran – I could not stop laughing.

She did great, walked pretty much the entire time…even held her bucket though it was seriously so heavy (for her) from all the candy. Such a little trooper! Everyone loved her costume, but next year I really want to plan in advance and make one for her :)


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