Wednesday, November 3, 2010

**New blog web address**

I decided to update my blog address...sorry if I confuse some of you! I didn't make a 'new' blog...just edited the website name/domain - since we're really not just "james & calista" anymore...we have little Kapri! And guess what...someone already HAS the website: www(dot)youmeandkapri.blogspot(dot)com (so not linking up to it!) - but it's blank...What gives??? That's been MY blog title for over a YEAR! This mysterious person just joined blogger in Oct. 2010 I find this a little strange.

Anyway, since that name was already taken, I decided to go with "Mejia Mamma" - because that's what I am and what I do best! So please re-book mark it & re-follow me...

Remove "" and change it to:


  1. That is so weird, you would think that it would be available. Maybe someone is buying up popular blog names to try and sell them to you?


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